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Something to Think About

I have a good friend, who a few weeks ago asked me if I had heard of the “zero is not a size” campaign led by Sophia Bush on the show One Tree Hill. I had, as I use to watch the show and talked about how I thought it was a great campaign. However I then looked at my friend realizing she was slightly bothered, and then she said something that I never though about.

I always thought it was a great campaign promoting the idea that you don’t need to be a size zero to have a beautifully body. But my friend said to me, ” But I am a size zero”. I never thought about the reverse harm of this campaign. Some girls don’t aim to be a size zero anymore than I aim to be a size 14. It’s just their body. And this campaign blatantly says that “zero isn’t a size”, well what if your size is zero? What is that saying about you?  My friend is a petite girl with a small frame, and honestly it is just as difficult if not even more difficult for her to find clothes than me. 

My blog is titled embrace healthy curves, and I applaud campaigns like “zero is not a size” for trying to break down the harsh standards the media sets for young girls and women, but I feel the true campaign that needs to be brought to a forefront is embracing every body type. If you are living a healthy, active, and fulfilling lifestyle it shouldn’t matter your dress size, you are absolutely beautiful. 

So for all my beautiful curvy followers, the next time you look at a super-skinny girl and curse her under your breath, take a step back, and realize she might not have chosen to be the size she is, that you might actually be more comfortable in your body than she is. True, she could just be another skinny bitch (pardon my french, but we all know them), but you don’t know.

The truth of the matter is in our modern society fashion and style is so streamline; beauty is defined by such a narrow list of characteristics, that girls of every size and shape struggle to embrace their body.

Something that made me think, and I thought I would share with all of you :)